Zeta Burger [Prototype]


Movement: Up/Down/Left/Right Arrows
Landing Gear Extend/Retract: Space Bar


Pick up orders at the restaurant and deliver them to make money. Start by maneuvering your ship to the restaurant landing pad. Extend the landing gear to land. Be careful! Your ship is extremely fragile. If it comes into contact with anything it will wreck. Orders will appear over the Restaurant. Wait for the orders to load into your ship. When loaded, the order will appear in your ship's inventory at the bottom of the screen. Your ship can hold a maximum of 3 orders at a time. Once you have an order loaded, maneuver your ship to the appropriate pad and land. Wait for the customer to pick up the order. If you deliver in time, you will receive a tip. Total money earned is displayed top-right. You must be quick, timely deliveries mean bigger tips. If the restaurant orders pile too high, you will be fired!